​PBIS TA Center Partner

Dr. Rob Horner
Director, Educational and Community Supports
University of Oregon
PBIS National TAC Co-Director
(541) 346-2462

​California PBIS Regional TA Centers

Michael Lombardo
Director of Prevention Supports and Services/PBIS Project Director
Co-Coordinator, California PBIS Coalition 
Placer County Office of Education
(530) 745-1493

Barbara Kelley
California Technical Assistance Center on PBIS (CalTAC-PBIS, Inc.), CEO
Co-Coordinator, California PBIS Coalition
(949) 933-5015

Rebecca Celes Mendiola, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services and Programs
Co-Coordinator, California PBIS Coalition​
San Diego County Office of Education
6401 Linda Vista Road
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 292-3500

California PBIS Local TA Centers​ ​ ​ ​





Luke Andersonluanderson@placercoe.k12.ca.us (530) 889-8020Placer County Office of Education
​Susan Barrett sbarrett@midatlanticpbis.org (443) 377-2407Mid-Atlantic PBIS Network
​Rhonda Beasleyrhonda_beasley@sccoe.org (408) 453-6500
​Santa Clara County Office of Education
Lina Benderlbender@ocde.us ​(714) 966-4000Orange County Department of Education
Shinay Bowmanshinay_bowman@upland.k12.ca.us  (909) 985-1864Upland Unified School District
Shannon Breslinsbreslin@stancoe.org  (209) 238-1700
​Stanislaus County Office of Education
Cindy Chaffeechaffee_cindy@lacoe.edu (562) 922-6395Los Angeles County Office of Education
Cristy Clousecristy@pbiscaltac.org (714) 904-8849​CalTAC-PBIS
Ken Fitzgeraldkfitzgerald@stancoe.org (209) 238-1381Stanislaus County Office of Education
​Steve Gonzalezsteve@pbiscaltac.org​(949) 933-5248​CalTAC-PBIS
​Josh Harrowerjharrower@csumb.edu (831) 582-4227​California State University, Monterey Bay
​Kami Murphykami.murphy@cahelp.org ​(760) 552-6700​Desert Mountain SELPA
​Jami Parsonsjparsons@ocde.us ​(714) 966-4000​Orange County Department of Education
​Natalie Sedanonatalie.sedano@cahelp.org ​(760) 552-6700​Desert Mountain SELPA
​Stephanie Taguestephanie_tague@sccoe.org ​(408) 453-4348​Santa Clara County Office of Education
​Sheari Taylortaylor_sheari@lacoe.edu ​(562) 922-6111​Los Angeles County Office of Education


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