Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the California PBIS Coalition (CPC) is to establish a network for State Education Leaders, County Offices, School Districts and Schools implementing multi-tier frameworks through Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS). It is our intention to create the opportunity for implementers dedicated to the effective implementation of PBIS to have a professional learning community where they can access information and support leading them to desired academic, behavior, and social-emotional outcomes for all California students, families and communities. The CPC is dedicated to providing a standard of practice for PBIS through the work of technical assistance centers across the state and the use of a statewide PBIS Recognition System. These centers are committed to supporting you in implementing PBIS in your area.

CPC Technical support is given by organizations from the southernmost region of the state from Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, High Desert Mountains through the Central Valley, Coastal Areas and up to the San Francisco Bay, and Northern California regions. These regional centers work in direct collaboration with the California PBIS Technical Assistance Center partner Susan Barrett and the National PBIS Technical Assistance Center co-director Dr. Kent McIntosh. Funding for CPC comes from the National Center, California Technical Assistance Center and the work of the core members from the regional technical assistance sites.

The Regional Technical Assistance Centers focus on the critical features of team training, coaching and District Implementation Teams by developing the internal capacity of organizations to support sustainable practices following the key evidence-based PBIS features and the use of PBIS Applications to monitor fidelity and behavior data for decision making.

To participate in the California PBIS Coalition (CPC) please contact: Michael Lombardo at