Professional Development Blueprint​

​Version 3: September 2010
by Timothy J. Lewis, Susan Barrett, George Sugai, & Robert H. Horner

Professional Development Blueprint for PBIS

The Blueprint for SWPBS Training and PD has been developed to assist schools in their efforts to improve school climate and positive behavior support for all students. This Blueprint focuses on (a) building an effective professional development process, (b) essential features of SWPBS across implementation phase and continuum tier to guide training content, (c) key skill sets relative to providing SWPBS professional development, (c) effective professional development activities that lead to measurable school team outcomes, (d) effective technical assistance skill sets and practices to build school team mastery of professional development targets, and (e) development of an on-going professional development evaluation plan. The primary focal point across the Blueprint is on within-district capacity building.*

*Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports - OSEP. (n.d.). Retrieved August 26, 2015.