​Key Legislation​

School Climate Transformation Grant
In October of 2014 the Federal Office of Safe and Healthy Students funded 12 states and 71 districts to implement a Multi-tiered Behavior Support Framework.  California received​ 15 awards making it the largest number of awards for a single state.  For more information and the districts selected click here.

​​California Commitment to MTSS
The last five years California demonstrated a commitment to change through collaboration and building multi-tier systems.
  • Senate Bill 463: bill was established to provide Safe and Supportive Schools Train the Trainer Program.  (Passed and Held due to Assembly Bill 104)
  • AB 104 Section 57 awarded ten million dollars for development of Multi-tier System of Supports
  • SB 828 Section 41 awarded an additional 20 million dollars to Local Education Agencies to support activities of AB 104​
Creating Collaborations with County Mental Health

CPC is working to link PBIS to Mental Health Service Act (MHSA) Voter Approved 2004 Proposition 63 a 1% tax on CA Millionaires.  The Prevention and Early Intervention portion of MHSA led to increasing funding of PBIS & MTSS programs throughout the state.